Summertime is AWESOME! It means that it is time for lots of fresh fruits and veggies – hooray! One of our summer favorites is my husband’s homemade pico de gallo. He lived in Mexico for two years as a missionary for our church, and loves good Mexican food. This recipe is SO good. It is… Read More

Easter is hands down one of my favorite Holidays. There’s a big meal, and you get to relax with family with out the pressure of buying presents. I’ve been looking for some new dishes to add to my Easter meal this year and came across a recipe a friend from college handed down to me.… Read More

This manicotti recipe is delicious. AND easy. AND all of my children rejoice when we have it for dinner. Even my super-picky daughter who usually throws a fit when it is dinner time and wants “something else”. Which means she gets to gag down three bites of whatever it is we are having, and then… Read More

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