So I assume a lot of us have seen that same pin on pinterest that tells you how to take a cake mix cake and make it taste like a bakery cake. I think I’ve pinned it at least twice and seen it way more than that. The basic premise of this is that you… Read More

Every July 24th, we celebrate Pioneer Day. As part of that celebration, the past couple of years my kids & I have made our own taffy. Yum! It is actually quite a bit of work (I think it took me 3 hours of working from start to finish with two little helpers), but is fun… Read More

I love a good chocolate chip cookie, but every once in a while I like to switch things up with my favorite soft and chewy peanut butter cookies. I found this recipe in a cookbook that was compiled by local women to send with their children when they go off to college. I think this… Read More

I love a good holiday and any excuse to make “festive” food. I found this recipe and knew I had to try these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies out. Instead of chocolate chips, they use Andes mints!! I brought them to a family function and they were a huge hit. I even heard one of my… Read More

My mother-in-law makes a fabulous,Virginia State Fair grand prize winning chocolate raspberry cake that is to die for. It is a work of art and can be a little finicky to get it “just right”, but that’s probably because I’ve only ever made it once. I wanted to make something that had the same flavor profile,… Read More

This recipe is great! I hadn’t tried making homemade cranberry sauce before, and thought I would give it a try this year. We tried it for Thanksgiving, and have already made it again since then. So yummy. The original recipe came from here, but I tweaked and modified it from the reader comments and from… Read More

Here in Utah, we love Jell-o. This gem of a recipe came to us from my husband’s sister’s husband’s family. Also known as my brother-in-law. Confusing enough, right? 🙂 We have added this to our Thanksgiving traditions and it would make a lovely side to your Christmas meal as well. It is truly a labor… Read More

I am the opposite of Kate – I LOVE Christmas goodie plates. We are a family that makes a lot of treats, and the holidays are a great excuse for making them, rather than just making them because we need a goodie fix. So, maybe we can be neighbors someday and Kate can bring all… Read More

If there is one thing that brings out the Grinch in me, its Christmas cookie plates. I know its a nice gesture for the holidays and I like to know that someone is thinking of me, but before I know it, the counter is full of cookie plates, plus my own holiday treats, and only… Read More

I love cinnamon, but especially so around Christmas time. I have a hard time walking past a cinnamon candied nut stand without seriously considering buying some. Luckily for me and all of you, they are very simple to make and would make a nice nutty addition to your neighbor gift plate. I found this recipe… Read More

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