My mom made this little gem often growing up and it is so easy to make. It’s a throw it together type dish and served cold which I love for a spring and summer dessert. This recipe calls for a graham cracker crust and making a graham cracker crust is one of my least favorite… Read More

Two years ago in Frebrurary (may as well add a couple more frivolous “r”s there), I decided to do something really nice for my daughter’s first birthday. I thought I would make her a nice carrot cake. I searched for a good recipe, read through a bunch of modifications and made a cake with what… Read More

I love, love, love coconut. This heavenly coconut poke cake is so delicious, though a little rich. I thought it would be such a fun Easter dessert. I decided to toast the coconut to top it and it turned out more delicious than when I haven’t toasted it. You could dye the coconut green and… Read More

Easter is hands down one of my favorite Holidays. There’s a big meal, and you get to relax with family with out the pressure of buying presents. I’ve been looking for some new dishes to add to my Easter meal this year and came across a recipe a friend from college handed down to me.… Read More

Deviled Eggs are my holiday bread and butter. I seriously make them for every major holiday because I love them so much. My husband’s family is rather large, so I will literally boil 18-24 eggs so we have 36-48 deviled eggs to satisfy everyone’s desire. I have found this recipe to be my favorite. A… Read More

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