Today while we were at the store, my kids were begging to get frozen corn dogs. Corn dogs are good, but sometimes the ones from the store don’t look so great, and they are ridiculously expensive for what they are (battered cheap hot dogs), so I talked them into letting us make our own corn… Read More

These enchiladas are REALLY good. I found them at Six Sisters’ Stuff, and my sister Jen made a couple of modifications to make it even better (thanks Jen!). Here it is in all of it’s glory: See? They even look so good. I actually saw pictures of the carrot cake too when I was uploading… Read More

This pasta salad recipe is very simple. It is one that we just throw things in and bring it to gatherings, and almost every time I get comments about how much people love it, and then they ask for the recipe. At this point I laugh because it is so, so easy, but I guess… Read More

Our family has a tradition of having pizza every Friday night. Sometimes we order pizza, but a lot of Friday nights we make it. It is a lot cheaper, and it tastes (and is!) so much healthier. This pizza crust is excellent. It is very smooth and elastic, stretches easily to fill either a cookie… Read More

This is a basic beef stew recipe from that I found as I was searching for a new stew recipe to try out. It was good! It is definitely a basic, no frills recipe, which actually is kind of nice because then you can add whatever you would like to give it a more… Read More

Every once in a while, my husbands high school friends some how invite themselves over for dinner.  They say, “oh, we need to get together” and then someone says, “Yeah, lets go to Jacob and Kate’s house.” Wait, wait? Aren’t I supposed to be the inviter? Now I have to feed a bunch of guys…… Read More

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving, and for you Black Friday-ers, I hope you had some productive shopping last night and this morning. Thinking about all of the yummy leftovers we have after Thanksgiving – Kate, Jen & I decided to share some fun and different recipes… Read More

This recipe is one of my fall favorites and is from my mother-in-law. It is a FABULOUS potato soup. It is great because it is flexible – you make a base for the soup, and then add your toppings and – VOILA! – dinner of happiness. Potato Soup 4-6 medium potatoes 1 small onion diced… Read More

This is a very easy meal that is PERFECT for this time of year when stuffing abounds. It is a great meal to pass on to a college student or someone who is newly married, and is good for a simple meal any time of the week. Stove Top Casserole 2 packages stuffing (I used… Read More

This recipe is SOO good. It’s one that I learned from one of my freshman roommates. It is easy enough for a college student, but good enough that my super picky two-year old will eat it. Wahoo! I am a huge fan of lime, but if you prefer lemon it works great with lemon juice… Read More

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