We are going to be moving from the GREAT STATE of Texas in less than two weeks *sniff, sniff* – so, in honor of our past 8+ years here, I wanted to post a favorite: Texas Sheet Cake. If you have never experienced this beauty, you are in for a treat! It is a thinner… Read More

This recipe comes from my mother-in-law, and is a family favorite. It is TOTALLY from scratch, which is kind of fun, and tastes amazing – not like the boxed artificial banana flavor. To get an awesome, fool-proof crust, use Kate’s recipe. This one was a lame refrigerated pre-made crust, which crust did not turn out… Read More

Today while we were at the store, my kids were begging to get frozen corn dogs. Corn dogs are good, but sometimes the ones from the store don’t look so great, and they are ridiculously expensive for what they are (battered cheap hot dogs), so I talked them into letting us make our own corn… Read More

I made these roasted red potatoes during one of the most stressful tests of my life. It was during one of my Culinary Arts final and we had to draw out of a hat what we’d be cooking 3 minutes before we were to start cooking using the best cooking method for the given meat,… Read More

This is for all of you Buffalo Chicken fans out there. I LOVE buffalo chicken. Not the wings (sorry! not a bone person), but I love the boneless ones. Probably a crime to some of you, but there you go. Whenever we are at a restaurant that has buffalo chicken, I always have to fight… Read More

I love almost all of the desserts that I had in Portugal. They are very different. Most are much less sweet than typical “American” desserts, but they are still so delicious. One traditional and very typical dessert is arroz doce (literally sweet rice), that is basically a rice pudding. I ate so much of this,… Read More

This is a basic beef stew recipe from about.com that I found as I was searching for a new stew recipe to try out. It was good! It is definitely a basic, no frills recipe, which actually is kind of nice because then you can add whatever you would like to give it a more… Read More

Every once in a while, my husbands high school friends some how invite themselves over for dinner.  They say, “oh, we need to get together” and then someone says, “Yeah, lets go to Jacob and Kate’s house.” Wait, wait? Aren’t I supposed to be the inviter? Now I have to feed a bunch of guys…… Read More

This is a family favorite. My husband is our soup maker, and can throw together a mean soup on a whim. I have learned the art from him, and homemade chicken noodle soup is one of our favorites. We decided to change it slightly and use some of our leftover turkey and the drippings from… Read More

This week, as we’re talking about what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers, I couldn’t help but remember one of my favorite recipes that would help you to use up any leftover French’s Onions that you didn’t use on your green bean casserole. I tried this recipe on a whim when I saw it on the… Read More

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