Jen is a lover of all things sugary, yet a hater of ill-fitting clothing due to this love. She has worked hard to lose that blasted baby weight (still working on it), and tries her best to live the “all things in moderation” lifestyle when it comes to treats. She has never been one who innately loves to cook, but is working on cultivating a great recipe repertoire for her family. She calls Texas home, but lives in Utah with her wonderful husband and squishy, sweet little boy.

Kate grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California which was pretty lucky because the Bay Area is a food lovers heaven. Her parents liked to take her out to eat to try new food and encouraged her to explore new flavors. But as a child, she was pretty closed minded to food. If it wasn’t pasta or sugary, she probably wouldn’t try it. It wasn’t until she minored in Culinary Arts that she really opened herself up to food. She only signed up for that minor because one of her best friends/roommates was doing it, and she thought Culinary Arts would be easy. Wrong! It was HARD! But she loved it. There were only two teachers in the program, and they were both extremely passionate and knowledgeable about food. With their teaching, they let her taste buds out of their box and found a whole new world in food. She hopes that she can share her new found passion of food through this blog with fun, new, taste bud tingling recipes. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband and little boy. They are the loves of her life and patient taste testers!

Growing up, Kat avoided cooking like the plague. She mowed lawns and cleaned gutters HAPPILY to get out of having to cook dinner. Nine years and three kids later, she has had to learn a few things and now she actually enjoys cooking……mostly. 🙂 She loves finding recipes that her whole family will actually all happily eat and ask for more, and loves to share her findings with others. She, her husband and three kids live in West Texas where it is almost always sunny and they love it there.

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