Doctored Cake Mix Cake

So I assume a lot of us have seen that same pin on pinterest that tells you how to take a cake mix cake and make it taste like a bakery cake. I think I’ve pinned it at least twice and seen it way more than that. The basic premise of this is that you look at the directions on the cake mix, use melted butter instead of oil, milk instead of water, and add an extra egg. Well, I took it one step further and added a box of instant pudding. And let me tell you. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I originally made this cake to be the cake part of an ice cream cake for my 2 year old’s birthday. It was the perfect ice cream cake because it is very dense and VERY moist. It froze wonderfully and I didn’t feel like I was eating a brick instead of a cake.

Fast forward a few days (after my husband and I had finished basically all of the ice cream cake and let our poor child only have a tiny sliver on his birthday…. You guys do that too, right?!?) and I started dreaming of just having a cake made this same way and frosting it and how wonderful it would be. So I made it. And I called myself the cake genius. Somebody else has probably done this at some point in time, but it’s new to me and I will never just make a plain ol’ boxed cake mix again.

Doctored Cake Mix Cake


Here are the ingredients my cake mix called for with the substitutions I made. Please read your cake ingredients and adjust accordingly. Again, add an extra egg, use melted butter instead of oil, and milk instead of water (I used 2%), then add a box of pudding mix. If you’re making a yellow cake, I’d suggest vanilla pudding, though I’ve never tried it.

Mix it all up. Seriously. This batter did not move. It was static like this and I reveled in it’s decadent texture and thickness. Amazing.

Doctored Cake Mix Cake


Bake according to package directions and then frost with your favorite frosting. I used the glaze from the eclairs recipe and it was a perfect richness to compliment the decadence of the cake. I would probably double the glaze/frosting recipe next time I use it. Enjoy. This has truly changed my cake making life.

Doctored Cake Mix Cake

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