We had a friend who very kindly gave our family some chocolate-covered strawberries a couple of weeks ago – and they were SO good. So we decided to make some of our own to enjoy and to give to some friends. The strawberries we found were GIANT, and perfect for dipping. We ended up dipping… Read More

This recipe is a WINNER. Chocolate is wonderful. So is peanut butter. But together? That is my favorite. These are easy, and it’s easy to pretend like they are healthy because they call for 2 cups of oats (ignore the cup of margarine….and the 2 cups of sugars…….). I got this recipe from a cookbook… Read More

I am the opposite of Kate – I LOVE Christmas goodie plates. We are a family that makes a lot of treats, and the holidays are a great excuse for making them, rather than just making them because we need a goodie fix. So, maybe we can be neighbors someday and Kate can bring all… Read More

I love cinnamon, but especially so around Christmas time. I have a hard time walking past a cinnamon candied nut stand without seriously considering buying some. Luckily for me and all of you, they are very simple to make and would make a nice nutty addition to your neighbor gift plate. I found this recipe… Read More

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