I was not introduced to Orange Julius’ until I was 17. At that moment I knew that I had not lived a compete life, so ever since then I’ve been trying to make up for all the missed creamy, smooth, delicious goodness. When I found out that my husband was a master at making the… Read More

Last night I was thinking about a fun Valentines Day treat that I could make. I wanted it to be a little bit on the healthier side, fun and simple. And since there aren’t kids old enough in my house to eat the left overs, I didn’t want anything too big either. I came across… Read More

Our family has a tradition of having pizza every Friday night. Sometimes we order pizza, but a lot of Friday nights we make it. It is a lot cheaper, and it tastes (and is!) so much healthier. This pizza crust is excellent. It is very smooth and elastic, stretches easily to fill either a cookie… Read More

My 17 month-old son will pretty much only eat graham crackers. I never understood what a picky eater truly was until I had a child. He used to be the best eater ever, he would eat anything, and lots of it. Now he will only eat very few things. Looking at the ingredients of store-bought… Read More

A few days ago, my son Zach and I were having a play date and our friends kindly shared Gerber’s Arrowroot Cookies with us. Zach gobbled them up and I’ll admit that I enjoyed them too. When I went to buy a package of my own, I checked out the ingredients and was a little… Read More

I love almost all of the desserts that I had in Portugal. They are very different. Most are much less sweet than typical “American” desserts, but they are still so delicious. One traditional and very typical dessert is arroz doce (literally sweet rice), that is basically a rice pudding. I ate so much of this,… Read More

This manicotti recipe is delicious. AND easy. AND all of my children rejoice when we have it for dinner. Even my super-picky daughter who usually throws a fit when it is dinner time and wants “something else”. Which means she gets to gag down three bites of whatever it is we are having, and then… Read More

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