We get together with my husband’s family twice a month for family dinner. We rotate through assignments of what to bring to share. Due to church schedules that change each year, sometimes it is really hard to make potatoes when church doesn’t get out until 4 and you’re supposed to be at dinner until 5.… Read More

Summertime is AWESOME! It means that it is time for lots of fresh fruits and veggies – hooray! One of our summer favorites is my husband’s homemade pico de gallo. He lived in Mexico for two years as a missionary for our church, and loves good Mexican food. This recipe is SO good. It is… Read More

Let me first say that I do not really like vegetables. I never have. I am trying to be a good, responsible human and eat more of them, especially now that I have a 2 year-old that I want to eat them. I went to my book club last month and the hostess made this… Read More

This is another recipe that I wasn’t planning on sharing until I fell in love with these cookies, and I love them for two reasons. 1 – they are extremely easy to make. 2 – they are SO stinking good. I could probably eat the whole batch of cookies by myself and not even feel… Read More

I found this recipe for Cookie Dough Brownies a year ago and have made a few times since then, and it is delicious. The first time we made them (they are RICH!, by the way) I decided that a lot of them needed to find another good home so they didn’t land straight in my… Read More

I love homemade jam. Nothing that you can buy in the store can compare. While jam that you process in a hot water bath lasts a little longer and has a thicker consistency, it is also kind of a pain to make. Freezer jam, however, is very easy to make. It literally takes about 35… Read More

I’ve always been a little bit intimidated by cheesecakes, so when my friend told me that this was the easiest treat she makes, I knew these mini cheesecakes had to be in my recipe book. They are perfect for a baby or bridal shower. They are easy to serve and eat and everytime I’ve made… Read More

This one is a fun recipe to do with kiddos over the summer – or whenever! It’s easy to make, fun to play with – and you can EAT it. It’s always nice when you can play with your food. 🙂 This one is super quick and easy for kids to help make too. Peanut… Read More

Homemade hot fudge is infinitely better than what comes bottled in a jar at the grocery store. Luckily, this recipe is very, very easy and comes from simple things you can buy at the grocery store. Combine all ingredients in a double boiler, stirring constantly until melted. That’s really all there is. Don’t let the… Read More

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