Since apple season is in FULL swing here, I thought I would share this awesome recipe that I found from Tammy’s Recipes. I wanted to find a recipe that I could make from home with whatever I had on hand, instead of having to run to the store whenever we needed a caramel apple fix.… Read More

I love pizza. My husband does not. It is an ongoing quest of mine to find a home made pizza crust that we both like. I have finally found this recipe that we both like. The best thing is that it is only 2 ingredients and one recipe will make a 12″ pizza! Recipe: 1… Read More

Growing up in California, good Chinese food was in abundance and I totally took advantage of it. In Idaho, there is only one Chinese restaurant that I have enjoyed and it’s this fancy place in downtown Boise. The kind of place you go to for special occasions, not for take out or a casual treat.… Read More

I found this recipe from my talented friend Michelle at Made by Michelle. It is a quick and easy peach cobbler recipe – and it turns out WONDERFULLY. Easy Peach Cobbler 2-15 oz. cans peaches in pear juice (or light syrup) 1/3 c. flour 1 c. oats 1/2 c. brown sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 1… Read More

Today, I decided to treat myself to chocolate. Except, chocolate for me is a necessity and I firmly believe that every mother isĀ entitledĀ to chocolate every single day. Even the good days… But instead of just grabbing some chocolate chips as I usually do, this time I made truffles! These are super easy. They do require… Read More

We had this last night, and it made me very happy. Every time I make this, I wonder why I didn’t just make two of them since it is pretty much the same level of work as making one, and the one always seems to disappear a little too quickly. This was a recipe that… Read More

This is a Portuguese Yogurt Cake recipe (Bolo de Iogurte) that I got when I was living in Portugal. One of the hardest transitions for me to living there, aside from learning the language, was desserts. After most meals, it is normal to have a piece of fruit as “dessert”. This is a wonderful habit… Read More

If you are looking for salsa to go a long with Kat’s toastadas then look no further! I can not say it enough, this is the best salsa ever and I’ll have a really hard time buying store bought salsa after I run out of this. Plus, there are two really great perks to this… Read More

If you are looking for a dinner that is fast and delicious, you can stop here. These are so easy, and so good – AND they are easy to modify for even the pickiest of eaters. Tostadas Tostadas Refried Beans Shredded Chicken (or ground beef) Queso Fresco (or other cheese – queso fresco is just… Read More

If you live or have ever lived in Utah, then you should know of a delicious bakery and sandwich shop called Kneader’s. We love eating there and on our visit there last weekend, they were sampling their pumpkin bread. Thanks to a trusty search on Google, I found this recipe and it literally tastes just… Read More

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