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As the New Year begins and we are all trying to get our eating back on track from our holiday binging (please tell me I’m not the only one!), we wanted to focus on healthy recipes and ideas. I love Yoplait smoothies, but it kills me to pay for them. All they contain is yogurt and fruit. Easy enough to make on your own, right? I did just that, with inspiration from here. You can totally customize what fruit you either have on hand or prefer.

Make Your Own Frozen Smoothie Packs


  • 1 large tub of yogurt (I used plain Greek, but wished I had chosen something with flavor)
  • 5-6 c. main fruit of your choice (I chose pre-frozen strawberries from Costco)
  • 3 c. supplemental fruit(s) of your choice (I chose bananas)


  1. Get out your mini-muffin tin, if you have one. I thought this size would be good to not freeze and overwhelming amount of yogurt in one chunk that your blender can't process. I used my 1 1/2 T muffin scoop to just scoop yogurt into each reservoir.
  2. I flash froze it for 45 minutes, then gently pressed a spoon around the edge of each reservoir. They literally just popped out. I put all of them into a large gallon-sized zipper bag until they were frozen solid.
  3. Freeze any of your fruit that may still be fresh. For me, I took my bananas and cut them into pieces, once again as to not overpower my blender. I flash froze them for 45 minutes.
  4. Get out your all of your ingredients from the freezer as well as sandwich sized zipper bags. I like my smoothies thick, so I used about 3/4 c. strawberries and about 1/2 of a banana, or 1/2 c, and 2 "yogurt pucks" per baggie. 
  5. When you're ready to make your smoothie, empty the contents of one baggie into the blender, then add 1/2-1 c. of liquid. You can get creative here. I usually stick to orange juice, apple juice, or skim milk, but I have done mango pineapple juice and other "exotic" flavors and everything turns out delicious.
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