During my stay in Portugal, I grew very fond of a few of the local remedies and foods. For instance, their version of a salad is lettuce, tomato, onion, salt, olive oil, vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon. I love ranch dressing, so this was quite the adjustment, but I grew to love it. They drink a lot of tea, including many herbal teas. My very favorite is so simple to make that my husband and I enjoy it whenever we are feeling under the weather.

Lemon Tea:

2 lemons

3-4 cups of water


1. Place your water in a sauce pan that has a lid. You will need the lid later.

2. Peel your lemons and place the rind into your water. Be careful not to get any pulp in the water.

3. Bring the lemon/water mixture to a simmer. Once it is bubbling ever so slightly, turn the heat down to low, cover with lid, and steep for 20 minutes. Be careful not to bring it to a boil as this make it taste very bitter.

4. Remove the lemon rinds and pour the tea into mugs. Sweeten with honey, sugar, stevia, whatever your preferred sweetener is.

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2 comments on “Cha de Limao (Lemon Tea)

  • Hi, thanks for the recipe! My husband and I just came back from Lisbon yesterday (after a four days trip) and I love their hot lemon water too. I accidentally ordered once (guessing the language) and I ordered it every time after that whenever I eat. Surprisingly no matter fine dining or little shops, they all have this hot lemon water. I love to make it myself now and that’s why I’m looking for recipe online now. I have had a look on your recipe and wondering there is no lemon pulps at all in there? Just peeling the rinds? I made one with boilin water (rinds and pulps) and it was bitter!

    • MK,
      I’m so happy to hear you loved Lisbon. It is truly my favorite place. Yes, there are no pulps in the water and be careful not to boil the rinds. This will also make it bitter. Just follow the recipe instructions, allowing the rinds to simmer in water for about 20 minutes, and hopefully it will taste like your experiences in Lisbon!

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