We have had a request from one of you to post more freezer meals. It seems like we’re always needing a freezer meal to take to a sick friend, family member, neighbor, someone who is grieving, someone who just had a baby, etc. While we are working on adding more to our repertoire, I thought… Read More

I wanted to do a quick post today about a SUPER easy way to shred chicken…..or any other meat for that matter. I used to avoid recipes that called for shredded anything because I really can’t stand shredding meat. It is painful to me. Or I would have my husband do it. I found this… Read More

We had a friend who very kindly gave our family some chocolate-covered strawberries a couple of weeks ago – and they were SO good. So we decided to make some of our own to enjoy and to give to some friends. The strawberries we found were GIANT, and perfect for dipping. We ended up dipping… Read More

I love PIE! More than most other desserts. Pie was the birthday dessert of choice, not cake.  Here is my favorite pie crust recipe that I jotted down from one of my baking lectures in college. Thank goodness I paid attention on pie day! Yeild 1 8-9 inch bottom pie crust. Double recipe if you… Read More

During my stay in Portugal, I grew very fond of a few of the local remedies and foods. For instance, their version of a salad is lettuce, tomato, onion, salt, olive oil, vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon. I love ranch dressing, so this was quite the adjustment, but I grew to love it. They… Read More

I never thought I would be one to turn home canning into a little bit of an obsession, but here we are. I have a one-year-old and I feel it is very important to make sure we have healthy foods on-hand in case my husband ever lost his job, or we had an emergency of… Read More

I love artisan bread. Due to the small size of my family, we often have a hard time finishing a whole loaf before it’s hard and crusty. Luckily there is a way to use up an “old” loaf of delicious bread that’s seen better days. This seems like it would be obvious to make bread… Read More

Making cookies can be so frustrating, especially when you’re following a recipe and they still come out wrong. So I’ve compiled a list of some cookie faults that I’ve ran into and how to solve them. Fault 1: Too much spread. This is when your cookie ends up looking like a pancake. Solutions: There can… Read More

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