Since we have Thanksgiving coming up next week, Kate & I have decided to review some recipes to see if they are fit to serve to family and friends. . This stuffing recipe was a winner! It comes from Center Cut Cook. It is from scratch, and is VERY good. I grew up on boxed… Read More

Thanksgiving is a WONDERFUL time of traditions and food, but sometimes food is eaten just for the sake of tradition and isn’t necessarily super delicious. For example, my husband’s family eats sauerkraut and hot dogs as part of Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously – I kid you not! Do you know what kind of smells sauerkraut gives off combined… Read More

Its officially football season! Which means all sorts of yummy football finger foods! I had been craving spinach dip for a while now, so I had the perfect reason to make it.  My team had a very disappointing first game, but this spinach dip provided some tasty comfort. This recipe is so easy, you just… Read More

We get together with my husband’s family twice a month for family dinner. We rotate through assignments of what to bring to share. Due to church schedules that change each year, sometimes it is really hard to make potatoes when church doesn’t get out until 4 and you’re supposed to be at dinner until 5.… Read More

Summertime is AWESOME! It means that it is time for lots of fresh fruits and veggies – hooray! One of our summer favorites is my husband’s homemade pico de gallo. He lived in Mexico for two years as a missionary for our church, and loves good Mexican food. This recipe is SO good. It is… Read More

Let me first say that I do not really like vegetables. I never have. I am trying to be a good, responsible human and eat more of them, especially now that I have a 2 year-old that I want to eat them. I went to my book club last month and the hostess made this… Read More

I love homemade jam. Nothing that you can buy in the store can compare. While jam that you process in a hot water bath lasts a little longer and has a thicker consistency, it is also kind of a pain to make. Freezer jam, however, is very easy to make. It literally takes about 35… Read More

This weekend we had a memorial day barbeque, despite a rainy day. I found a recipe for BBQ baked beans and I was pleased enough with how they turned out that I thought I’d share. If you are looking for a skinny dish, this is NOT it. This recipe is all about the bacon. PrintBBQ… Read More

I wanted to do a quick post today about a SUPER easy way to shred chicken…..or any other meat for that matter. I used to avoid recipes that called for shredded anything because I really can’t stand shredding meat. It is painful to me. Or I would have my husband do it. I found this… Read More

I love barbeques and pot lucks that seem to happen most often during the summer months. With Memorial Day right around the corner, I wanted to share a new favorite “fruit salad” that is always a huge hit. I took it to a large family function with my husband’s family and no one could figure… Read More

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