A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s little 18 month old daughter was very sick in the hospital. The baby was heavily medicated and had a tube down her throat to help her breath. My friend was not moving an inch away from her baby and I don’t blame her. So she was stuck at… Read More

I love this recipe in so many ways. The most important reason is the taste. The amount of pumpkin is just right. The cream cheese layer complimented the the bread and pumpkin very well and added a nice range of flavor. The second reason I love this recipe is the texture. I was afraid the… Read More

It’s official. It’s time to bust out the pumpkin recipes. The weather here is starting to cool down and it reeeeeally makes me want anything that has to do with pumpkin or soup. We’ve already made pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, and I have plans to make pumpkin chocolate chip bread this week. Without further adieu,… Read More

Yesterday my husband was begging (literally) for his mom’s cinnamon rolls.  I have to admit they are really good. They are so fluffy and gooey and addicting! You know when your mom used to tell you if you eat too much of a certain food, you’ll turn into that food. For me it was mashed… Read More

  Does anyone else ever buy something on a whim in bulk just to get it home and realize you don’t know what to do with it? I bought a big bag of frozen blueberries from Costco about a month ago. I thought my son would like them, which he does. But they are soooo… Read More

This week I found a killer deal on strawberries. They were 75 cents per pound. Beat that!! I bought 8 pounds of strawberries! I ate and ate and ate strawberries, I still had an overwhelming amount. Why I bought 8 pounds, I’ll never know, but I had to do something with them now that I… Read More

Any time I bring this fruit dip anywhere, someone always asks for the recipe. It’s often a little embarrassing because the dip is so simple, but it is so so so very delicious. It would be the perfect pairing to a fruit tray for a baby or bridal shower or any summer pot luck event.… Read More

The first time I had German Pancakes I was in college and I thought they were awful. I snitched them after my roommate had left them out on the counter so I figured it was fair game, right? Little did I know, its not JUST the pancake that makes these so good. You’re supposed to… Read More

Let me first start off by stating that these waffles are delicious whole wheat. As in, I absolutely prefer them to their brothers made with white flour. But… if you are not feeling like you want to eat a whole wheat waffle, then please, by all means, make their white flour brothers. You will still… Read More

Growing up I remember one specific Valentine’s Day. I must’ve been around 8 years old. My mom wouldn’t let us into the kitchen so my two sisters and I played upstairs while she was working on something that we knew must be amazing. It was. She made us an all-pink dinner for Valentine’s Day! Pink… Read More

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