If you would have been walking through my neighborhood tonight, you would have been drooling. My husband made the most amazing steaks with even more amazing barbeque sauce. I had never had barbeque sauce like this before. I kept snitching it by the spoonful before the steaks we’re ready to be smothered in it. Sorry… Read More

Its officially football season! Which means all sorts of yummy football finger foods! I had been craving spinach dip for a while now, so I had the perfect reason to make it.  My team had a very disappointing first game, but this spinach dip provided some tasty comfort. This recipe is so easy, you just… Read More

We get together with my husband’s family twice a month for family dinner. We rotate through assignments of what to bring to share. Due to church schedules that change each year, sometimes it is really hard to make potatoes when church doesn’t get out until 4 and you’re supposed to be at dinner until 5.… Read More

Summertime is AWESOME! It means that it is time for lots of fresh fruits and veggies – hooray! One of our summer favorites is my husband’s homemade pico de gallo. He lived in Mexico for two years as a missionary for our church, and loves good Mexican food. This recipe is SO good. It is… Read More

Let me first say that I do not really like vegetables. I never have. I am trying to be a good, responsible human and eat more of them, especially now that I have a 2 year-old that I want to eat them. I went to my book club last month and the hostess made this… Read More

I wanted to do a quick post today about a SUPER easy way to shred chicken…..or any other meat for that matter. I used to avoid recipes that called for shredded anything because I really can’t stand shredding meat. It is painful to me. Or I would have my husband do it. I found this… Read More

Today while we were at the store, my kids were begging to get frozen corn dogs. Corn dogs are good, but sometimes the ones from the store don’t look so great, and they are ridiculously expensive for what they are (battered cheap hot dogs), so I talked them into letting us make our own corn… Read More

Any time I bring this fruit dip anywhere, someone always asks for the recipe. It’s often a little embarrassing because the dip is so simple, but it is so so so very delicious. It would be the perfect pairing to a fruit tray for a baby or bridal shower or any summer pot luck event.… Read More

Easter is hands down one of my favorite Holidays. There’s a big meal, and you get to relax with family with out the pressure of buying presents. I’ve been looking for some new dishes to add to my Easter meal this year and came across a recipe a friend from college handed down to me.… Read More

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