Pizza night at my house is our favorite night. In fact, we’d rather make our own pizza than order it. It tastes so fresh and the amount of grease on purchased pizza makes me feel nauseous just looking at it.  So almost always, I make homemade pizza. Every once in a while though, I like… Read More

This week was the first really cold week here and I was in a dessert kind of mood. I found this recipe on a Taste of Home and sat for about 15 minutes contemplating weather to make it or not. I had all the ingredients surprisingly, so I decided it was fate and gave it… Read More

Today is a cold and windy day and it put me in the mood for some pretzels. I love the pretzels that you can buy at the mall, but homemade ones are even better! They are so fluffy and soft on the inside and have just a little bit of a crunch on the outside… Read More

Growing up in California, good Chinese food was in abundance and I totally took advantage of it. In Idaho, there is only one Chinese restaurant that I have enjoyed and it’s this fancy place in downtown Boise. The kind of place you go to for special occasions, not for take out or a casual treat.… Read More

Today, I decided to treat myself to chocolate. Except, chocolate for me is a necessity and I firmly believe that every mother is entitled to chocolate every single day. Even the good days… But instead of just grabbing some chocolate chips as I usually do, this time I made truffles! These are super easy. They do require… Read More

If you are looking for salsa to go a long with Kat’s toastadas then look no further! I can not say it enough, this is the best salsa ever and I’ll have a really hard time buying store bought salsa after I run out of this. Plus, there are two really great perks to this… Read More

I have had all sorts of store bought and home made granola, but this granola recipe trumps them all, seriously. This recipe actually was handed down from Kat to our sister in law, who gave it to our mother in law, who gave it to me! Isn’t family recipe sharing wonderful? Just like playing telephone,… Read More

Here in Idaho, people grow a lot of Zucchini in the summer and they are always giving it away. So why grow so much? I don’t really get it and I don’t really like Zucchini either, but when someone unloads their Zucchini on me, I make Zucchini bread! I found this recipe in an LDS… Read More

I have just discovered sweet potatoes. I know I am a little late. But these things are GOOD! Then when I found out you could make a sweet potato fry, I was knew I was in for a treat. So for the first time in 24 years I made a sweet potato fries. I adapted… Read More

Making cookies can be so frustrating, especially when you’re following a recipe and they still come out wrong. So I’ve compiled a list of some cookie faults that I’ve ran into and how to solve them. Fault 1: Too much spread. This is when your cookie ends up looking like a pancake. Solutions: There can… Read More

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