Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of crock pot recipes for Chicken Parmesan. It all sounded okay and it looked like an easy clean up so I figured I’d give it a go. The results weren’t bad but I also was not overly impressed. You just can not beat the tried and true Chicken Parmesan.… Read More

The first time I had German Pancakes I was in college and I thought they were awful. I snitched them after my roommate had left them out on the counter so I figured it was fair game, right? Little did I know, its not JUST the pancake that makes these so good. You’re supposed to… Read More

My mom made this little gem often growing up and it is so easy to make. It’s a throw it together type dish and served cold which I love for a spring and summer dessert. This recipe calls for a graham cracker crust and making a graham cracker crust is one of my least favorite… Read More

Easter is hands down one of my favorite Holidays. There’s a big meal, and you get to relax with family with out the pressure of buying presents. I’ve been looking for some new dishes to add to my Easter meal this year and came across a recipe a friend from college handed down to me.… Read More

This weekend was bright and beautiful and it put me in the mood for something fresh tasting. I have never really liked salad but this recipe at Kraft caught my attention. I loved it and it was so refreshing. We’ll definitely be having this again. It was a great side dish to the pulled pork… Read More

I made these roasted red potatoes during one of the most stressful tests of my life. It was during one of my Culinary Arts final and we had to draw out of a hat what we’d be cooking 3 minutes before we were to start cooking using the best cooking method for the given meat,… Read More

I was not introduced to Orange Julius’ until I was 17. At that moment I knew that I had not lived a compete life, so ever since then I’ve been trying to make up for all the missed creamy, smooth, delicious goodness. When I found out that my husband was a master at making the… Read More

Yesterday I found this fabulous recipe for a fancy spin on pork chops and applesauce. I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of pork chops and applesauce, but this dressed up version was delicious. In fact, I’ve made it twice this month already. I love that it is so quick (we’re talking… Read More

Last night I was thinking about a fun Valentines Day treat that I could make. I wanted it to be a little bit on the healthier side, fun and simple. And since there aren’t kids old enough in my house to eat the left overs, I didn’t want anything too big either. I came across… Read More

This last weekend we celebrated my husbands birthday and you know what he asked me to make for him? RIBS! I had never made ribs before but that has to be the most intimidating meat to make right after turkey. So I stressed for three days, reading recipe after recipe and could NOT find just… Read More

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