Deviled Eggs are my holiday bread and butter. I seriously make them for every major holiday because I love them so much. My husband’s family is rather large, so I will literally boil 18-24 eggs so we have 36-48 deviled eggs to satisfy everyone’s desire. I have found this recipe to be my favorite. A… Read More

Happy Pi Day everyone! (tomorrow) When I married my husband (5 years ago tomorrow!) I had no idea that I was marrying into a pie-loving family. It has changed my Thanksgiving and life forever. One pie that is always a huge hit (we usually make 4-6 for Thanksgiving) is my mother-in-law’s chocolate pie. The ingredients… Read More

I love a good holiday and any excuse to make “festive” food. I found this recipe and knew I had to try these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies out. Instead of chocolate chips, they use Andes mints!! I brought them to a family function and they were a huge hit. I even heard one of my… Read More

  I came across this amazingly delicious and easy recipe on pinterest and it has seriously rocked my pasta world. We’re not huge pasta eaters, but we all love this, especially my 18 month-old son. It comes together in about 5 minutes and then the oven does all the work. You take the ravioli straight… Read More

I love salami. I love pasta. I love red onions. I love provolone cheese. Everything I love is pretty much all in this delicious pasta salad. This is a recipe from a family friend and any time I take it anywhere, I am always, always, always asked for the recipe. It is a little more… Read More

Let me first start off by stating that these waffles are delicious whole wheat. As in, I absolutely prefer them to their brothers made with white flour. But… if you are not feeling like you want to eat a whole wheat waffle, then please, by all means, make their white flour brothers. You will still… Read More

Growing up I remember one specific Valentine’s Day. I must’ve been around 8 years old. My mom wouldn’t let us into the kitchen so my two sisters and I played upstairs while she was working on something that we knew must be amazing. It was. She made us an all-pink dinner for Valentine’s Day! Pink… Read More

My mother-in-law makes a fabulous,Virginia State Fair grand prize winning chocolate raspberry cake that is to die for. It is a work of art and can be a little¬†finicky to get it “just right”, but that’s probably because I’ve only ever made it once. I wanted to make something that had the same flavor profile,… Read More

This amazing recipe comes from my husband’s co-worker. He brings it in whenever there is a pot luck lunch and it is always a huge hit. It did not disappoint and would be an amazingly delicious addition to your Super Bowl party this Sunday! It is very easy to make and would be great with… Read More

My 17 month-old son will pretty much only eat graham crackers. I never understood what a picky eater truly was until I had a child. He used to be the best eater ever, he would eat anything, and lots of it. Now he will only eat very few things. Looking at the ingredients of store-bought… Read More

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