Kat and I have been working on a new project that we are really excited about! We have started a brand new blog called Taste Testers Kitchen. We find popular recipes on pinterest and put them to the test. We rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the worst, and 5… Read More

Cream Chicken Noodle Soup

Its official. My favorite season is here! Soup season! You can expect to see all sorts of delicious soup coming up on here because soup is just one of those things in life we all need more of. I love chicken noodle soup, but I especially love a creamier version I found in the Lion… Read More

Best Bran Muffins

These muffins are classic, full of fiber goodness, and super delicious. This recipe is one that my mother-in-law has modified, that she got from her mother. It is perfect for the fall (or any time, really) and is filling, which is nice for a muffin. This recipe makes a LOT of muffins (somewhere around 48),… Read More

Doctored Cake Mix Cake

So I assume a lot of us have seen that same pin on pinterest that tells you how to take a cake mix cake and make it taste like a bakery cake. I think I’ve pinned it at least twice and seen it way more than that. The basic premise of this is that you… Read More

Steak & Amazing BBQ Sauce

If you would have been walking through my neighborhood tonight, you would have been drooling. My husband made the most amazing steaks with even more amazing barbeque sauce. I had never had barbeque sauce like this before. I kept snitching it by the spoonful before the steaks we’re ready to be smothered in it. Sorry… Read More

pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes

It’s official. It’s time to bust out the pumpkin recipes. The weather here is starting to cool down and it reeeeeally makes me want anything that has to do with pumpkin or soup. We’ve already made pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, and I have plans to make pumpkin chocolate chip bread this week. Without further adieu,… Read More

Spinach Dip

Its officially football season! Which means all sorts of yummy football finger foods! I had been craving spinach dip for a while now, so I had the perfect reason to make it.  My team had a very disappointing first game, but this spinach dip provided some tasty comfort. This recipe is so easy, you just… Read More

Homemade Taffy

Every July 24th, we celebrate Pioneer Day. As part of that celebration, the past couple of years my kids & I have made our own taffy. Yum! It is actually quite a bit of work (I think it took me 3 hours of working from start to finish with two little helpers), but is fun… Read More

Macaroni and Cheese is hands down my favorite food. I like to joke that anything a 5 year-old would eat, I prefer as well since I’m quite a picky eater. This is a recipe my mom made for us growing up and just tastes like heaven to me. It is simple, but such a comfort… Read More

For the past couple weeks my husband has been asking that I make biscuits for dinner. I was dreading, dreading, dreading this and put it off for a few weeks, until the requests became relentless. My mother in law had a recipe that I’d seen her whip together in record time so I thought perhaps,… Read More

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